Sorry for such along delay. I know I promised to get back to you soon, but I have to be careful around here, you never know who might be watching. I believe the last time we spoke I never had a chance to properly introduce myself. My name is Dr. Lawrence Bailey. I am currently working on a top secret project in a lab located downtown in one of the last few safe cities on Earth. In order to protect myself, I will refrain from revealing my exact location. The laboratory in question is why I am talking to all of you right now. I understand that these are desperate times, but the things going here are questionable to say the least. Obviously we are all under strict NDA, and the consequences for me talking to you are quite severe. My hope is that someone out there will find this and take the necessary steps to do the right thing. I understand that these are trying times, but that does not mean we can just let our humanity slip away from us. I have to go now, I have already been gone for too long. I hope to be back soon.