A Busy Week So Far

While I am starting to get used to the structure of this class, my busy schedule has not done me any favors. Due to the fact that I am almost constantly working, I have little time to venture into the outside world, which makes completing assignments such as the design blitz difficult at times. It also means that I often have to cram all of my work into the night before it is due, as that is usually the only time I have to work on it (if you look at the dates of my blog posts due this week, you’ll see that they have all been published on the same day). Nevertheless, I still feel encouraged going forward, as I am slowly starting to take an even greater interest in the assignments we are given, particularly the question of the week regarding the alternate history scenario. Going forward, I am definitely going to have to plan ahead better so that I can put more time into each individual assignment, and in turn, receive better grades, as I am determined to do more than just the bare minimum to pass this course.

Daily Create Reflection: Fonts

Design Reflection

Question of the Week



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