After the Cuban Missile Crisis

One of the most famous  and frightening moments during the cold war was the Cuban Missile Crisis. As I’m sure you all know, the Cuban Missile Crisis was an event that nearly led to a violent confrontation between the USA and the USSR, which in turn would have surely led to a nuclear third world war. The events of the book I have created chronicle the events of the survivors decades after a nuclear holocaust stemming from the Cuban Missile Crisis. I created this scenario because the outcome of a nuclear war is something that has always fascinated me, more specifically what the lives of any surviving people would be like from then on out. Below is a step by step guide to how I created this book cover, along with some details on my design choices.

First I added a stock photo depicting what the world may be like after this scenario took place, destroyed and desolate, a true shell of it’s former self. To further emphasize this, I made the unfilled parts of the book cover green, which I’m sure you can imagine is a color that no longer exists in this world.

Next, I added a title, “After”. I gave the cover this title as an ominous foreshadowing to the plot of the book.

Finally, I added a simple plot description to the back of the book, something meant to entice potential readers to pick of the book in order to learn more about this dark, desolate world and the simple people who, for better or worse, still inhabit it.

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