It has occurred to me that if I want to convey the full extent of what is going on down here, I am going to have to start referring to my colleagues by name, and If I’m going to do that then I might as well introduce you to them. So let’s start with my personal overseer, Allison. Allison, to put it bluntly, is a complete bitch. She started working at this facility after graduating from MIT, and she was promoted to overseer of my division not long after. She hasn’t shared much of her personal life, I’m not even aware if she’ s from New England or not. But it the people in charge don’t care about our silly little lives, only of our usefulness as employees, and on that front Allison quickly proved her worth. She certainly is a hard worker, I’ll give her that. First one in the workplace, last one to leave. Several of our projects have been completed quickly and efficiently with her input, and our current projects are all chugging along at a steady pace. I almost respect her. but as I have already said, Allison is a complete bitch. Whenever someone underneath her messes up, she can’t just chastise them in private. She has to make a big show of it, calling them horrible names and making them look and feel stupid. I myself have been on the receiving end of several of her rants, though I’m proud to say I’ve never broken down in tears, unlike some of my colleagues. Still I try my best to make her happy, working hard, kissing her ass whenever possible. Because I stay close to her, I’ve heard rumblings of some sort of top secret project going on, and apparently she knows at least something about. And based on this facilities recent track record, whatever this project is, it cant be good.

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