Blog Post #4: Arkangel Response

The episode of Black Mirror entitled “Arkangel” is simultaneously of the most interesting and of the most terrifying pieces of near future science-fiction I have ever seen. For those of you who have not seen this episode, the plot involves an overprotective mother installing her daughter with an experimental software known as Arkangel. This software not only allows the mother to track her daughters movement at all times, but it also allows her to see what her daughter sees, and censor anything that her daughter may find disturbing or scary. The possibility of storylines with a setup like this are endless, and it connects effortlessly to the many topics that we have discussed in class. One of those topics is the concept of the surveillance state the concept that no matter where we go, we are always being watched by somebody. This story adds an extra element to the mix by involving actual living human beings. The very idea that someone else can see through your loved ones eyes is a terrifying one to say the least. If this type of technology were to ever become a reality, it would mean that we would end up living in a world where we could no longer share our deepest thoughts and feelings with our best friends and family without the fear that someone else is looking at us through their eyes, whether it be a hacker who has accessed this program illegally, or a government entity who has access to this technology for their own nefarious purposes.

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  1. It is very terrifying to think about having someone watch you at all times and overhear your secrets that you may share with your friends and family. I know I wouldn’t want say my grandparents to over hear conversations I have with my best friend. Some topics you discuss with your best friend or family can be embarrassing and to think that someone else may overhear that is scary.

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