Blog Post #5

The idea that we will one day be able to produce virtually everything for a cheap cost is certainly an enticing prospect. It’s no exactly like that idea is outside of the realm of possibility. So much of our stuff is produced in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and other third world countries for an incredibly low cost, way lower than it has ever been in US history. So, it’s only natural to assume that we could just keep going in that same direction. And then what, I’m sure you are probably wondering. What more is there to do once everything can be mad for such a low cost. Well you see, the thing is that very end goal brings bout a whole bunch of problems that could potentially end up outweighing the benefits. The two biggest concerns in my opinion being jobs and the environment. Like I already said, much of the stuff we use in America is very rarely made in America, instead being outsourced most of the time to third world countries. This has led to major job loss across the United States. The cheaper we continue to make things, the more often and more likely we are to outsource production to other countries, which will obviously lead to further job loss across the United States. As for the environment, when our stuff is made cheaply, it tends to almost always be with materials that are horrible for the environment, such as plastic. If we continue to make things more and more cheaply, then it is fairly realistic to assume that the amount of harmful waste entering our environment will only increase over time. With these two major points in mind, I actually really do think (and I don’t believe this to be a bold statement) that we should be making strives to bring production back to the states and ensure that our stuff is made with materials that are environmentally friendly. This will no doubt be extremely expensive to undertake, but its clear that such a procedure would be far worth it for all of us in the end.

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