Blog Post #6: Genetic Modification

            As technology becomes more and more advanced, so does our ability to genetically modify human beings. It had gotten to the point where we may very soon have the technology to directly genetically modify human embryos. Obviously, something like this is going to have huge ethical implications, and as of now it’s impossible for anyone to give a clear right or wrong answer on the subject. All I can do is give you my own opinion. Truly and honestly, I do not think we as a society should go down this path. I just think there are far to many avenues where this kind of technology can be abused. Genetic modification is a science that is already prone to atrocities such as scientific racism, so imagine what kind of damage could be done if the wrong people were to work their way up to the position where they were the ones making the decisions regarding the genetic modification of human embryos. Even if these evil individuals did not have racist intentions, it is very well possible that they could have other malevolent intentions that they seek to obtain through the use of genetic modification, such as directly harming a human embryo. Culturally, the film Gattaca offers us a glimpse as to why taking this route is a bad idea. If we create a world where some people are genetically modified at birth and others are not, then there will undoubtedly be massive discrimination and disadvantages towards those who are born naturally, whether it is overtly or subtly, no matter how many laws are put into place. I do understand why some people push for genetic modification of human embryos, but in my personal opinion the cons of the world that would be created as a result far out ways and benefits that would come of it.

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  1. I agree that it would be hard to prevent evil individuals from working their way up to making these decisions regarding the genetic modifications of human embryos. This could lead to some serious harm to the world. I also agree that it would lead to problems if some people were genetically modified and others were not because the people that were genetically modified may feel that they are superior and will try to boss around the ones that are not genetically modified.

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