Daily Create Reflection: Fonts

Daily Create #1: Fonts Matter

Everyone knows that the  same phrases,sayings, greetings, etc. can have slightly different meanings depending on the tone it is said in and the context in which it is said. In my daily create, I wanted to convey this by presenting the common phrase “good luck” in two different styles. One conveys a sense of genuine hope that the person this is being said to actually does go on to succeed in whatever it is they are doing, while the other contains a more serious, perhaps even sarcastic, undertone.

Daily Create #2: Fake Ad

Often times in advertisements created by companies such as apple and google, the ad will attempt to make us think that whatever product they are pedaling is absolutely essential to our lives, and will instantaneously make every day tasks easier. In my personal experience however, I often find it to actually be the complete opposite, so I created this fake ad in an attempt to convey my own feelings on these types of products, and I believe it will resonate with others.

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