Daniel grew up in a small city in New Hampshire called Nashua. He graduated at the top of his class, and went on to study at the University of New Hampshire. Someone from the lab was scouting for potential new hires at the school and happened to pick him up. Now he works here. He also happens to be my best friend. Well, saying that is a bit of an overstatement. I don’t really have many friends, I really prefer to keep to myself. But everyone likes Daniel. He’s nice. He always asks you how your day is going. He’s a hard worker. He always volunteers to do the menial work on projects no one else wants to touch (I wish I had him as a classmate in high school). I remember when he first showed up. This was before things started to get morally questionable around here. We were conducting an experiment with three different AI, one “good” one, one “evil” one, and one that was free to choose it’s own morality in life. The overseer’s had ordered us to find a way to force the third AI to become good. No matter what we tried however, the AI refused to listen to us, and became evil. It was Daniel who hypothesized that the AI are like children, and that in order to reach them, we must get down to their level, and be patient. And wouldn’t you know it, The AI became good not becasue we told it to, but becasue of it’a own accord. Everyone began speaking highly of Daniel after that. We really hit it off to. And by that I mean we get lunch everyday with our friend Mary. Unfortunately, the recent shake-ups around here have made Daniel noticeably more depressed. It’s all these weird projects that are getting to him, I’m sure of it. I just hope he doesn’t think of leaving town, I wouldn’t want him to end up like the other’s.

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