Going into this class, I thought for sure I was going to hate the structure of an online course. I feared that without being present within an actual classroom setting, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything of real value. I’m happy to report that those assumptions were completely wrong. This class has challenged me to express by creative side in ways that no other class has ever asked of me. Not only was this incredibly fun, but I really do think I’ve grown as a writer over these past few weeks. I’m especially happy with the end result of my final project. I’ve always loved telling stories in creative ways, and the final project allowed me to do just that, the difference from my previous efforts being that I now have an audience that can give me feedback on how I can improve in the future. This class is the first one in a long time that I found myself truly engaged in, and I am extremely glad i have decided to take Communications and Digital Studies as my major, i really do think it will help me to one day become a writer. It was fun working with all of you, good luck on the rest of your classes, and have a great summer!

My final daily create:

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