“Making the web a better place” Reflection

Choice of question: The question our group decided upon was one regarding misinformation about a subject.

Quality of explanation: I believe I did a fine job when it came to writing my portion of the article. I tried my best to sound professional and, more importantly, tried to make it seem like I knew what I was talking about.

Quality of Sourcing: I put the appropriate amount of sources within my portion of the article. Everything that came from an outside source ended with a hyperlink to said source. As for the sources themselves, I believe them to be reliable, most notably the Wall Street Journal, who tapped an expert just for their article on this subject.

Breadth of sourcing: I admittedly did not use a ton of sources, instead I chose to use only a couple that I saw as necessary to proving my point.

Style: While I don’t think I air on the side of authoritative in my portion of the article, I did my best to remain unemotional. It is only by remaining unemotional that my words will sound objective.

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