Mini Project #2: Alone

            I am awoken from a deep sleep as the alarm loudly goes off. I open up my eyes. I look over to my alarm clock before clumsily shutting it off. 8:00am. The alarm never fails to go off at this time every morning. I sigh and turn over, burying myself underneath the covers. I don’t want to get up today, I’m just not in the mood. But I know I have to. That damn alarm will keep going off until I get out of bed, no matter how many times I shut it off. Eventually they’ll just start yelling at me, so there’s no use in trying to oversleep. Once I remind myself of that, I push the covers off of myself and get up. I start to shiver. They don’t give me any actual pajamas, so I just have to sleep in my underwear each night. I walk over to my sink to get ready for the day. I brush my teeth and comb my hair. I put on deodorant and take the time to clip my fingernails. I even take the time to put on makeup this morning, something I haven’t done in a while. I walk over to my dresser and begin picking out my clothes. I pick out a dark blue button up shirt and bright white pants. After I finished getting dressed, I inspect myself in the mirror. I feel like I might be getting a bit fat. I try no to think about it to much. I walk over to the window and flip a switch. In an instant the shutter opens up and I am greeted with my first dose of natural light of the day. As the daylight fills my room, I take a moment to enjoy the view. Outside my room was a forest with towering trees. No matter how many times I look outside I am still impressed by the sheer height of trees, and the massive width of their trunks. It is the middle of summer, so the leaves on the tree branches almost entirely obscure the blue sky, but even so I can still catch a glimpse of Earth looming overhead.

            “Good Morning Holly”

            It’s the Caretaker. As you might guess from the name, she in charge of overseeing my day to day routine. I quite like her, which is good considering I have to speak to her every day.

            “Good Morning ma’am” I replied

            I go over to my desk to sit down, and a hologram of the Caretaker appears before me.

            “It’s good to see your up and about already. I like the outfit you chose today.” She said.

            “Thank you, ma’am”.

            “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

            “No ma’am.”

            “Well, that can wait a moment. I want to go through our morning routine first.”

            The Caretaker asks me the same questions she asks me every day. How am I doing? How am I feeling? Have I been eating three meals a day? Have I been doing by daily workout routines? Am I having any suicidal thoughts? Amongst other things. After she finishes, she lets me go eat breakfast. I have the same thing for breakfast every day. Wheat oats cereal with milk. As I sit at the table slowly eating my meal, I look outside the window again. I only know the sight of two things. This room, and the view just outside my room. Sometimes the view outside my room changes. Sometimes it is green and lush, other times it is covered in white snow. Sometimes it will rain what seems like for months on end, other times the forest floor is covered in red, yellow, and brown leaves. Sometimes I can see the Earth above in it’s full blue beauty, sometimes I can only see half, or none at all. When I finish my breakfast, the Caretaker’s voice come up again.

            “I see you are finished with your breakfast” the Caretaker said to me. “Come sit at your desk, there is somebody I want you to meet.”

            I go over to my desk, curious as to who the Caretaker would like to introduce me to. Besides, her there are only a handful of other women I speak to on a regular basis. If she is breaking up our usual routine, then it must be for an important reason. I go over to my desk and sit down. The hologram comes on, and the image of a young man appears. I am quite surprised to say the least. I haven’t seen or spoken to any men in years. I always assumed that was a decision the Caretaker made, so why would she suddenly bring this man to me now.

            “Holly, I want to introduce you to Daniel.” I hear the Caretaker say. “I want you two to talk and get to know each other today. I’ll be back in a few hours to check up on you.”

The Caretaker signs off, and I introduce myself.

            “Hello Daniel, I’m Holly.” I say, somewhat shyly.

            “Hello Holly, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Daniel replies.

            The next few hours of my life would drastically alter not only the way I view my life and the world, but the way I want to live out my life. Daniel asked me a few basic questions at first, such as if I’m happy here or not. We then took some time to ask some more personal questions about each other. I actually feel like I got to know Daniel a lot. We talked about life, and death, and everything in between until it was almost time for the Caretaker to come check in on us. That’s when Daniel asked the question.

            “How do you feel about constantly being watched.” He asks.

            At first I don’t know how to respond. I had gotten so used to the Caretaker and the other women constantly watching me that I had really stopped thinking about it. But after a few moment’s of pondering, I have an answer.

            “I…hate it. I hate the feeling that they are always present. I hate the fact that I have virtually no privacy. I hate that every sound I make they hear. I hate that every movement I make they see. I hate it! I hate!” I screamed.

            There was a long moment of silence. Daniel broke it.

            “That is why I am here today. I understand how upset you are, and I want to give you the opportunity to change your unfortunate situation.”

            The 3D printer in my room suddenly starts to go off. I walk over to it, curious to see what Daniel was sending me. When the device was finished printing, a pistol laid before me.

            “That gun is your means of escape from this prison, from this way of life. But it’s up to you whether or not that is what you really want.” Daniel said before his hologram disappears.

            I look down at the gun. I then look over to the window into the outside world. I raise the gun and pull the trigger. The window shatters into a thousand pieces. I walk towards the empty window frame and step onto the forest floor.

            “Alone” I say to myself.

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