Mini project 3: “BirthGen”

            I drive into the parking lot and look for a spot to park the car. Eventually I find a space, and I pull in. As I unbuckle, I look over to my wife, and I can tell by her face that she is nervous.

            “Hey, relax, where just going in to talk. We haven’t committed to anything yet.” I say to her.

            “I know.” She replies.

            She smiles at me, and I smile back. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her smile. It brings me comfort. We step out of the car. It’s freezing out. No surprise, it is the end of January after all. I look over to the building in front of us. It is a pristine white building of medium size and height. On the front it says “BirthGen”. The company has become incredibly famous these past few years, and this is just one of many locations all over the country. I silently hope to myself that they are worth all the excitement. We walk through the front entrance, and we are greeted by an ecstatic young front desk worker.

            “Welcome to BirthGen! Do you have an appointment with us today?” she asked.

            “We do.” My wife replied.

            “Wonderful! Take a seat right over here. I’m just going to have you fill out some forms. Talk to me when your finished.” She tells us.

            We go to sit down in the waiting area, and my wife begins filling out the forms. I look around the room. Everything seems so sterile. I’m not sure if I like it. After a few moments, my wife finishes filling out the forms, and we go back over to the information desk.

            “Great! Come right this way!” the desk attendant excitedly says

            She leads us down a hallway. She opens the door to what looks like a normal looking doctors office.

            “Wait here, one of our practicians will be with you in a moment.” She says

            The desk attendant leaves, and my wife and I sit down. After just a few minutes, the Practician walks in.

            “Good Afternoon you two.” The Practician says.

            “You as well.” My wife and I both say.

            “Well lets get down to business, I’m sure you are both quite busy.” The Practician says. “ You two are here today to discuss the possibility of genetically modifying your first child.”

            “That’s right.” My wife replies.

            “Very good, let me go over what this would entail.” He said

            For over an hour, the Practician discussed a wide variety of things, such as the process through which a fertilized egg is genetically modified while still inside the womb, how this would effect our child in the long run, the cost of this whole operation, etc.

            “If everything goes according to plan, which I’m sure it will, then your child will be guaranteed to be 100% perfect, in terms of both mind and body.” He tells us.

            “Just to be clear, when you say our kid’s mind will be perfect, you mean they’ll always listen to us, right?” I ask.

            “That is correct. Your child will be completely obedient. They will always do as they are told. They will never disobey you, or their teacher, or the police, or any other authority figure. They will always prioritize their studies over their own fun, and they will be engineered to push themselves to do their absolute best in every situation.” He explained.

            We thank the Practician for his time today, and we leave. We are given a cheerful goodbye by the front desk worker as we walk out the door. As we walk back towards the car, my wife looks through a pamphlet that the doctor gave her. When we get in the car, I don’t hold back how I feel.

            “I don’t think we should do this” I tell my wife.

            She looks at me confused.

            “Why not?” She asks.

            “It just…doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t feel like we would be giving our kid these extraordinary advantage in life. It feels like where ripping their freedom away from them. You heard what that guy said, our child will literally lose their ability to say no to so many people. Don’t you think that’s wrong?” I ask.

            We both stay silent for a long time. I decide to break it.

            “I really, truly think we should have this child naturally. I want them to get into trouble, I want them to slack off, to be a public nuisance, to not turn in their homework, to say no to society.” I say to my wife.

            She looks down at the pamphlet, and promptly tears it up.

            “So do I.” She says

            She smiles at me. I smile back. I start the car, and we drive away.

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