Module #2: Part 1

This week, My group and I have decided to go with the topic of “Trouble with Trolling”. Now initially, I had trouble deciding where I wanted to even begin with this module. Although I frequently use the internet, my interactions with other people online is very limited. There are only two social media websites that I use, Twitter and Facebook, and my uses for those solely for keeping up with the news and staying in contact with old friends respectively. I have yet to put out a single tweet, and I have only posted a handful of things on Facebook. Other than that, I never communicate with anyone over the web. It was at this point I realized that in order to successfully take away something form this project, I would have to approach trolling with a much wider net. With that in mind, I have decided to research exactly how trolling has evolved ever since the internet became the massive day to day utility it is today. Trolling has existed long before the internet was around,and I intend to shed light in it’s origins and how it has changed over the years.

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