Module #3: Phase 1

As the internet and computers continue to evolve and adapt in this ever changing digital landscape, it is important that we as students learn to use all the available technology at our disposal to maximize our research and learning efforts. This applies to reading efforts. Giving our increasingly limited free time as students, it is important that we maximize the amount of information we take in when we read new pieces of text. This is the reason why I have decided to go with this module is that I personally want to learn how to get the most out of my time reading pieces of literature.

The other major reason why I am going with this module is simply the fact that I love stories. I wish to be a writer one day, and learning how to analyze pieces of text seems as good a place to star as any. To that end, the book I have chose for this assignment is the classic novel, Jurassic Park. This book is often overlooked in favor of it’s far more critically received and financially successful film adaptation, so I hope to shine a light in the source material for this assignment.

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