Module #3: Phase 2

The results from this project were quite surprising. I suspected that a book revolving around bringing dinosaurs back to life would mostly consists of words involving dinosaurs, but this is not the case. The vast majority of words do not even relate to science on any sort of level. Instead the vast majority of the words written in this novel are either the names of different characters or generic words used in every novel, such as “said”. The details of this are recorded in the two graphs I generated which are both screenshot below.

In addition to Jurassic Park, I decided to analyze another book which, until now, I have been completely unfamiliar with. That book is game of thrones. When I analyzed this book, I found the the text in this book to be far more diversive than the text found in Jurassic Park. As you can see below, rather than simply using generic words and a couple of the main character’s names, the text in Game of thrones contains a far more original vocabulary, as well as a diverse list of names for the various characters found in the story

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