My Best (and Hardest) Week So Far

Let get the bad parts of the assignments for this week out of the way. I’ve always made it clear right from the beginning of this class that I am particularly not good with electronics, especially when it comes to computer programs. So this week when I was tasked along with the rest of the class to create a story using an obscure and complicated audio platform, I was completely lost. For the first couple of hours I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and even when I did start to get the hang of things, It was a struggle of confusion and frustration until the very end. The good news is, this all eventually led to what was easily the best assignment for me yet. Having to tell a story through audio really allowed me to experiment and flex my creative muscles. This course has showed me that I really do love to tell stories, to create worlds and characters that capture peoples’ imaginations, and I hope to continue to do this sort of work not only for the rest of this class, but for the rest of my life.

Daily Create #4

The Drop

The Journey


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