My Thoughts on Video Production

If there’s anything watching countless movies over the years has taught me is that in order to stand out and keep things fresh, a director has to present the audience with their own unique style of filming, and the videos I have watched just now have only further proved that point. Anyone can just record what is going on in front of the camera, but it takes a truly skilled cinematographer to use the camera as a tool to enhance the scene rather than just record it. As two of the examples I viewed show, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick are both masters of cinematography. Every one of their movies contains beautifully shot scenes that highlight each of their own unique styles of filming, those being Tarantino with his iconic upward POV shots, and Kubrick with his gradual zooming in or zooming out in order to gradually focus on a specific object or reveal more about the scene. This is not to say that common shots within movies should be completely disregarded by film makers, as these have remained popular over the years for a reason. Take for example the long tracking shot. When used ineffectually or without much thought, these kinds of shots can be boring and time consuming. However, when used appropriately, as seen in films like Children of Men and Clover-field,  these kind of tracking shots can not only be visually impressive, but can also very effectively establish a certain mood.

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