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My pick for an alternate history timeline is easily the scenario where the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into a full scale war. I have little doubt in my mind that if a third world war took place during this time, the world as we know it would be an unrecognizable place today. The prospect of nuclear warfare was one of the reasons why both sides eventually settled the dispute through diplomacy rather than war. If World War 3 had erupted, nuclear weapons would have surely been used, and that is where my main interest in this scenario lies. If full scale nuclear attacks occurred, what would the outcome be? How many, if any, people would survive the attacks? What would be the long term costs for the planet and the human race? Would it even be possible to recover from such an event, or would civilization as we know it entirely collapse? These are the kind of what if questions that fascinate me, and I look forward to returning to this topic in the near future.

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