The Experiment

I wanted to tell you guys about what I saw in a video, face to face, but I just couldn’t keep myself together, so here I am. After being summoned to laboratory, where I found Daniel, Mary, and some other coworkers in my division already waiting for me. This section of the lab has long been dedicated to the study of cloning technology. Thanks to the Overseers’ recent disregard for ethics, rapid advancements have been made on this front, but believe me, the results have been far from pretty. After a few minutes Allison and another man, someone I’ve never seen before, came into the room and informed us that the “Rapid Evolution” project is finally nearing completion, and the technology just had to be tested. I have had a heavy hand in this project, and I long feared to see the day the technology was actually used. Allison then pulled up an intercom and told someone to bring “it” in. In the room behind the glass window, two men pulled in a terrified looking dog, the poor thing, tied it up, and left it in the room. I can still see it trembling in fear. Allison brought up the intercom again, and told someone to proceed. Suddenly, a bright flash followed by the painful yelps of the poor pooch filled the room, and when it was over the dog was nothing but a pile of ash. I felt sick. I looked over at Daniel and Mary, and I could tell they felt the same way. The two men that brought the dog in came into the room behind the glass and scooped up what remained. After a few moments, Allison got on the intercom and told them to bring “it” in. The two men brought in another dog, very similar to the first one, but bigger, a little tougher looking. They had just cloned the first dog from what had remained from the vaporization, only now the dog had evolved slightly for a better chance at survival. Once again Allison told someone to proceed, a bright light filled the room, the dog was nothing but ash, the two men collected what remained, and brought in the clone afterwards. This continued for hours. The dog continued to evolved, getting bigger and more frightening each time. Eventually, the dog resembled more of a monster than an animal, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad the last time they killed it it stayed dead. Then suddenly, two men brought in not a dog or a monster, but a human. A homeless man buy the looks of it, someone who no one would ever notice disappearing. The two men tied him to a chair, ignoring his screams, and left the room. Allison said to proceed. I don’t want to describe his death. I really don’t want to describe what he turned into after a few hours. When it was finally over, The mysterious man accompanying Allison congratulated us on all of our efforts, stating that our action were contributing to a better future for humanity. Nobody looked happy. Everyone looked like they just wanted to go home. Their faces looked like the opposite of the Others. I felt like asking Daniel and Mary what they thought of such an atrocity, but I decided to leave it alone. I later occurred to me that the man accompanying Allison was one of the Overseers. I know this becasue when getting myself dinner from the vending machine for the fourth time that week, I recognized their voices approaching, and I don’t know why, but I hid. The Overseer was talking to Allison about how the experiment that we conducted today was just one part of something called the “Rebirth” project. What is this? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it’s the mysterious project people have hear rumors about for a while now. To anyone out there reading this, please know that whatever the Rebirth project is, I’m sure it’s dangerous, and if i can’t expose it to the world, I’m counting on one of you to do it.

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