The Journey

When telling this story about a hellish post-apocalyptic land, rather than trying to tell a grand sweeping story, I decided to make it a more down to earth tale. To that end, I decided to tell this story from the perspective of a lone traveler, a young man who has never experienced the world before the cataclysmic event left it in it’s current state. I tried my best to convey how the protagonist feels about his current situation, that although he knows he must keep going, he is starting to lose hope with each passing day, and longs for the world to return to the supposedly Utopian state it was in before the apocalypse. The reason I made these creative decisions was because I wanted to make a story that was grounded in reality so that the viewers could easily put themselves into this same situation, and I believe that this young man’s thoughts are an accurate representation of how most of us would respond if we were to be thrust into the same position as him.

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