The Moon Landing Disaster

I absolutely adore these hypothetical “What If?” type of stories, especially ones that are grounded in reality ( The more likely it seems things could have happened a different way than they actually did, the more it tends to hold my interest, as it is generally more interesting to think about ). I had never thought about it before, but even before listening to this story I thought a scenario where the moon landing was a failure held tons of potential. The execution of this story is perfect. The voice acting is great, the dialogue is well written and believable, and  the pacing is perfect, neither feeling rushed or dragged out. But what truly makes the presentation of this story great is the audio. The sounds of radio static signalling the astronauts inevitable demise, the sounds of the shock waves made by Buzz Aldrin kicking at the dust on the surface, even the sounds of the astronauts breathing all help to greatly enhance the overall atmosphere of the story, and In my opinion is what ultimately makes this good story into a wonderful and even somewhat terrifying presentation.


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