The Power of Sound

As I stated just a couple of blog posts ago, I have absolutely no idea how anything audio related works, and going into this week I was extremely concerned I would have trouble keeping up with the assignments given. While I am still pretty much lost when it comes to using sound designer tools, I do now have a far greater appreciation for the power of sound in story telling. As the two videos presented by Jad Abumrad have taught me and the radio drama “Moon Graffiti” allowed me to experience, sound is an instrumental part to storytelling, sometimes even being the defining factor in whether or not the story in question ends up being good or bad. Moon Graffiti in particular has shown me just how “visually” impressive a story with absolutely no visuals can be ( The visuals of course being part of one’s own imagination ). While I don’t think I will ever embrace audio the way many others do, I can at the very least leave this week with a greater understanding of just how impact full sound within storytelling can be.

The Moon Landing Disaster

What Do I Know About Audio?

Daily Creates #3

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