Weekly Report #1

Starting this weeks work was a fairly easy en devour. Not only because I have successfully taken an online class in the past, but because I have taken this specific class . Last year I made an attempt to take digital studies for a short while, But I eventually dropped the class due to reasons unrelated to school. Because of this, it was easy for me to once again get everything set up, like slack and my blog. The rest of the week proceeded relatively smoothly. I found myself falling behind multiple times, but by the end of this week I was all caught up. On the last day, there was an issue I had to think extra hard about to overcome. After I filmed my video discussing what I had learned from the module, I found myself having difficulty embedding the video in my blog post. I tried every conceivable way to convert the video and/or post it to the blog but nothing seems to work. Finally, I came up with a solution. I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel, and then embedded the link in my blog post. This incident taught me two things. One, there is always a solution, and two, the easiest way may not be the most obvious.

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