Weekly Report #2

This week was definitely a lot harder than week 1, mostly towards the end. This past week, I have learned many things about the device I am constantly carrying around in my pocket, many of them not pretty. I have learned that a large part of the process of making my phone likely relied on slave labor, or at least labor that is inhumane at best. I have learned that when the day comes to finally discard of my phone, I better make sure I dispose of it properly, because improper disposal of electronics is currently contributing to the climate change crisis in a major way. I have learned that, whether we want to admit it or not, we are all complicit in this vicious cycle that is used to make the devices we cherish, and we should hold the companies that benefit from this cycle accountable as well. On the lighter side, I also learned that my future career definitely will not involve digital design or designing tech, as my project for this week did not quite turn out the way I had hoped.

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