Weekly Report #4

This week was definitely the hardest week of summer courses I have had so far. In addition to occurrences outside of class that repeatedly delayed my work for this class, the assignments for this week I found to be extremely difficult. As I have mentioned before in this class, Although I like technology, I am completely helpless when it comes to actually operating it. Do to that fact, since all the assignments this week involved using some sort of digital program, I found myself having immense difficult either completing the assignments at all, or completing the assignments well. Whenever something went wrong, it would take me a long time to find the solution, and sometimes I would have to move on regardless since if I spent to much time on one thing I would run out of time to do the other assignments in this class. All of this culminated in the web page assignment due at the end of this week, which as I have mentioned in my reflection for that assignment, was not my best work and I wish I could have done better. This was an extremely hard week, but I am glad that I was eventually able to pull through, and I am looking forward to our final week of class.

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