What I learned from photography so far

When I first started this assignment, I wasn’t sure how well I would fare. I have never been remotely interested in photography, not even a little, and because of that, I have absolutely zero knowledge of how to go about taking “professional” photos. Due to these circumstances, I was concerned I would be unable to take the kinds of photographs necessary pass this assignment, let alone even be at all interested in the assignment in the first place. However, after learning the various ways photography can be used for storytelling, my favorite medium, as well as getting help from the various sources provided for us, I can say my interest in this art form has definitely increased. The “Tips for Better Photography” page has informed me of so many small details and tricks that I would never even think of. Things like using the foreground to your advantage to create conflicting views, or using the light in a specific way, almost like it’s a physical object alongside the other objects within the photo. While looking through the pages of “Abandoned America”, I discovered how the desolate remains of something that was once great can still be used to create something beautiful. Within the desolate remains of these hospitals, asylums, office buildings, etc. lies the opportunity to capture visually striking images that truly make us wonder what our own fate has in store for us. Within my own home, I found the opportunity to take photos that, while not nearly as visually striking as the ones seen in “Abandoned America”, hopefully evoke some kind of emotion within the person looking at them. I have never had to take artistic photos like these before, so even having to just think of what I wanted to take pictures of was difficult at first. However, I do think I was able to eventually settled in, and as you will see in these photos, I think some of these turned out quite well.

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  1. Very cool post! It seems like you put a lot of work into building this post and making the effort to really make it concise. I also enjoyed the picture you took with the elephant! very cool images and pictures. If I had to quibble, I had to say that the big block of text at the beginning of the blog could have been broken up and spaced out with gifs and pictures to give it a splash of color. Besides that, I enjoyed reading your blog post!

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